7+ Cool things to do during Quarantine.

So, unless you are Patrick Star and live under a rock at the bottom of the ocean, I am sure you've heard of COVID-19... the nasty virus basically unraveling all of society at the moment.

Since the majority of us have been ordered to "Shelter-at-home" during this time, that can leave us......bored... to tears. So, let's not nap away our time, let's find some awesome things to do! (more naps are highly encouraged, but I don't recommend doing it all the time)

1. Learn to cook or bake!

Become the new Betty Crocker on the block! Nothing is more satisfying than having immediate gratification- in the form of something oh so tasty!

Baking is all about exacts. 1 cup this, 1/4 tsp that, ect. So keep that in mind to follow recipes to a T. Cooking, on the other hand, can be a lil bit a dis, lil bit a dat. If you put in too much of anything it can pretty much always be fixed.

Learning new recipes opens up your world! When you learn to create delicious recipes at home, it makes you hungry for more! (Pun intended) Creating food at home makes you feel like, "Hey! Look at me, making a whole a*s meal in MY kitchen." It really brings out the Martha Stewart in you.

My favorite Youtube channel is a guy named Joshua Weissman, who makes step-by-step videos (with fantastic B-Roll shots if I do say so myself). We have followed quite a few of his recipes and I have 0 regrets every single time. The link to his channel is below! --->https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChBEbMKI1eCcejTtmI32UEw

2. Time to GLOW UP

Did you always use work/school/family time as an excuse as to why you didn't do X, Y, or Z? WELL, THIS IS GREAT NEWS THEN! Because we have all the time in the world now! What else is there to do? Use this time to help you!

  1. Get movin'- Find an activity that you have always wanted to try. Yoga, Running, shit..even being able to do a push-up! Take this time to decide who you want to be, and dive in. You'll be so happy you started NOW, so when we all emerge from our quarantined induced caves, you'll be ready to take on the world. Being outside is still allowed for now, but always check with your local information about all of that. Personally, I love yoga and have taken this as a chance to learn a new yoga pose every day! So far, it's been really fun!

  2. Skin- Let's get real. Make-up is pretty awful for our skin. Time to let our skin BREATHE! Take this as an opportunity to develop a fool-proof morning/evening routine. Get to know your skin, and what can make you glow! Sitting on IG? Face mask. Watching YT? Drink water. Find things throughout the day that you couldn't do, if you were out in the world.

  3. Go Inward- Learn who you are with meditation. From an outside point of view, it looks kinda crazy I know.. sitting on a pillow with your legs crossed and eyes closed. But the benefits for your soul is incredible. You can become more clear and level headed, more relaxed, more focused and able to put your best self forward. All you need is a quiet, comfortable spot, and 10 minutes. It can help calm your mind in this truly new and trying time.

I love to use the app, Headspace. It has a free or paid version, but either one is great!

3. Get Creative!

Let your creative juices flow! Break out the paintbrush, the keypad, or the stencil book!

Now is also a great time to tap into or work on your special talents. Whether it be art, music, writing, makeup, videography, or whatever else your heart desires. Let yourself get into it, and see what your avenue to express yourself is. It is also a great time to start something you've never tried before.

It can be kind of tricky if you don't already have the supplies to start, so use caution if you are going to the store for anything.

You have endless amounts of time right now to start that art piece you've been wanting to, perfect your eyeliner wings (#onFLEEK), write that blog (wow I feel attacked) or finish the painting project you've been telling yourself you'd finish for months (woooow okay I'm being called out here).

You will feel a sense of satisfaction from completing a project. It is great for your soul to express itself.

4. Plant A Garden

Challenge the indoor blues by being outside- and creating an even more beautiful one! Planting simple things such as flowers, or an awesome group of vegetables to take care of. Having something to get you outside, to take care of, and to watch grow is so rewarding!

Tomatoes are by far the easiest plant to grow! You can find things all over Youtube about planing, but a really easy to follow gardener is "MIGardener"

Linked here --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVGVbOl6F5rGF4wSYS6Y5yQ

5. Connect with your friends/family

There are SO many avenues to connect to people, that isn't in person..because let's be honest unless you are friends with your neighbor, who else would you stand 6 feet away from in the front yard to chat with? #socialdistancing

Trends have been going around like "see one-send one" for all kinds of things! From pictures of puppies to taking shots across the states together, these have been great ways to stay connected to your friends. #alonetogether

Here are some great sites/apps to video connect on: 1. Zoom. They are an online, FREE, group video chat that can host up to 100 people at a time! Talk about getting the fam together! Linked here--> https://zoom.us/

2. Skype. Free voice/video chat, you just need an account.

Download here--> https://www.skype.com/en/get-skype/

3. Facebook Messenger and Facetime for iPhone is a great way to connect 1-1 with someone, or grab your quarantine buddy to join in on the facetime fun!

4. Snapchat also has a video-chat feature if you have no other avenues! You can add fun chat bitmojis that pops up while in the video chat. You just need a free account to get started.

p.s. remember to check on the elderly in your life. They are even more affected by this isolation since they are the most at risk. Don't let them go lonely, call your grandma while you still have her.

6. Netflix/Hulu/Disney +

You know what? We have been working our tails off in school and work and whatever else for the last....idk... decade!? More!? We deserve to binge watch 8 seasons of our favorite series.

I just have to say, my all-time favorite series ever is called "Sense8" on Netflix. It is captivating, funny, exhilarating and sexy all in one! There are 2 seasons, 24 episodes total, and each episode is 42 minutes LONG baby! If you trust me (I mean, who doesn't trust the judgment of strangers on the internet?) Go watch it!

Also, I've been into an anime on Netflix called Sword Art Online.. check it out of you enjoy anime!

Don't forget your popcorn, SNACKIES and quarantine buddies!

7. Re-Set Your Space

We now have mandated time to be HOME. Now while I understand some people's home isn't their safe haven and is the opposite of where they'd like to be held up in.. Home is truly some people's sanctuary. Take this time to make your place the most enjoyable it can be. This will help you get your home looking fresh!

1. Clean it up! Seems easy enough right? Stop walking past the pile of clothes on your chair, stop ignoring the clutter on your desk, put away and wipe down everything in the kitchen! You will feel 100 times better.

2. Rearrange. I am a fiend when it comes to moving my space around! When I was a kid I'd rearrange my bedroom by myself.... little me just moving all of my furniture around because I needed, "something new" LOL. But in all seriousness, get into the business of feng shui. You might come up with a better solution for your bedroom, office, living room! Take time to make your space awesome.

3. Paint! Again, this may be tricky going out for supplies... but if you have it and have just been avoiding doing it... what a great time! My boyfriend and I painted our office space, and if feels so much better in here now!

All you need is to get your mind swapped from what a "bummer" it is to have to be at home, to what a blessing it is. I completely understand how easy it is to sit in the fear of it all.. I know people. But you, you get to choose. You get every single day to wake up, make it kick ass and take full advantage of the time we have... or you can sit, worry, and wallow in fear and quite literally... waste your life. The decision is yours and all yours. So, what are you going to do with your day?

Go make it awesome!

Thank you for reading! With Love,