Cafe De O- Mae Nam's Best Cafe

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

If you want fresh, delicious, made-with-love food, with the nicest service, head on over to see Po and O at, Cafe De O.

A husband and wife team operated.
Cafe De O

This place has the most peculiar discovery story. Garrett and I had been walking around Mae Nam Beach for hours. (Okay it was only about 5 minutes.. but it was hot!) We decided it was probably best to stop wandering around and maybe use our pal Google for a little assistance. We needed food and wifi. It was meant to be, we turned the corner and there was this cute cafe that looked so welcoming, had great prices from outside and best of all- when you use a reusable cup you get 5BHT off. So in we walked to our new favorite place.

Po (left) and O (right) O is the Owner and Drink Expert. Po is the Master Chef!

“Before, I know nothing, but now it is the 1st thing in my life that made me learn a lot, and I enjoy seeing the people happy. My mission, my passion is ot make people happy. I like to listen and help others.”- O, Cafe De O Owner

With an expansive menu, it is hard to choose! On our, oh I don't know, 50th trip back, we ordered about half the menu. A Flat White, a Coffee for Garrett, a Fresh Mixed Fruit Smoothie, Spicy Salad, Tom Yum Fried Rice and Minced Pork Omlette. Happily, they got to work.

The Drinks

Do you see how huge this is?! I was floored. I watched O cut up each of the fruits just for my smoothie! He said that he does not use any fruit juice it is all just blended fruit. "I love the flavor of the naturally sweet watermelon and mango."- O. My smoothie consisted of kiwi, mango, watermelon, oranges, dragon fruit! It was beyond refreshing.

My flat white was poured so carefully. The fresh coffee beans come from O's brother's farm and are ground fresh to order. He also sells the bags in the store. Topped with fluffy whipped cream, and a bonus cookie, it was hard to steal a more than one sip!

Garrett's Coffee was so aromatic! Full-bodied flavors, layered to perfection and topped with hand-made foam and cinnamon sprinkles. They always give a little extra sugar on the side, but there is no need. You want to embrace these bold flavors.

Plus all their drinks come with a cookie, bonus!

The Food

Okay, my mouth is watering again just looking at these pictures! Let's start with the first picture, Prawn Spicy Salad. It was filled with vibrant tomato, onions, carrots, corn and lime juice. The prawns were cooked to perfection. The heat was greeted with a touch of sweetness. Next came our entrees. My Tom Yum Chicken Fried Rice was just that- YUM!! Tom Yum soup is traditional Thai cuisine. O said that typically people order the soup, and a side of white rice so he wondered, why not combine them? And thus Tom Yum Fried rice was born! Slightly spicy, with flavors of the prawn, lemongrass, and basil. Juicy tomatoes and flavorful carrots throughout. This quickly became one of my favorites on the menu! It came with a side of their home-made mix of fish sauce, garlic, chilies, and lime. DELISH! Garrett's Pork **** was juicy and savory, with a hint of spice. Flavors of garlic and basil took over his tastebuds! The fried egg was perfect atop the white rice. We love to get different dishes to taste one another's, but I only got one bite because he ate this one up so quickly.

The reason we keep coming back to Cafe De O, is not just for its crazy locational convenience (literally about a minute walk from our front door), or its skeptically low prices, It is for the quality companionship we have received from the nicest couple in all of Koh Samui. They unpromptedly lent us an umbrella in the rain while we were waiting for a taxi one day, they wave to us on the street and when we see them at the store. Their children are often at the cafe and are so sweet. They gave us honest and local guides to places near us (including other restaurants). They make our days here in Thailand a little brighter.

Cafe De O

Located conviently on Tawirat Phakdi Road, near Mae Nam. Right next door to a 24 Hour Family Mart. There are two locations on google, but I have provided a map for the correct one! Address: Tawirat Phakdi Road, Mae Nam, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84330


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