Fisherman's Village own true taste of Italy

Gusto's is by far the best, authentic pizza I've ever had...and I've been to Italy!

So the story goes, Garrett and I finished Muay Thai Training.. and were STARVING. It was Friday night which on Ko Samui means- head to Fisherman's Village! After a two hour workout, we decided we deserved some of our favorite food....CARBS! The hunt began...

Tucked in amongst over 60 other restaurants in the area, it was by chance we stumbled upon this place! One would think.. um you're in Thailand.. why not eat Thai food? Well.. sometimes you're just hankering for a pizza! And Garrett and I's favorite pizzas have always come out of a brick oven.. which they just so happen to have nestled right up front!

Two seasoned pizza spinning vets manned the brick oven! HAND SPUN?! You keep speaking my language!

We were quickly greeted by the owner herself, Roberta Crespi. She seemed very involved in her business! Running food, greeting guests, definitely a very hands-on, hardworking woman! The staff all follow in her footsteps. So polite and apt to help you out, which is unfortunately not always the case at some places around Fisherman's Village.

Roberta walked us through the restaurant, I was so intrigued by her decor! I love the warm, colorful and inviting vibes I got from it. Of course, I had to take a picture in the adorable bathroom too! I love hanging beads and all the flowers!

And down to the beach, we went!

I was completely stunned by how beautiful Bophut beach is! Even at night, you can see up and down the beach, and the lights on the buildings are gorgeous. Roberta has these awesome lights set up on the tables, plus the cutest little birdcage light... (hello new home inspo!)

After we went over the menu, we ordered a pizza with fresh mozzarella, ham, black olives, mushrooms, and artichokes! NOM!! I was so psyched for it to come out! To our surprise, the waiter brought us out these delish little breadsticks accompanied with alfredo and marinara to dip.

p.s.... the Sprite in Thailand is WAY better than the US....

AND FINALLY, the MOMENT we had been waiting for!

Swipe over to see a close up of this mouth-watering pizza.

Does that just make you want to reach through the screen and grab it! Looking back over these pictures I am getting flashbacks. Our waiter came around and ground fresh pepper on our pizza for us, along with dropping off some chili oil.

The sauce itself was slightly sweet and bursting with flavor. The dough was made with real Italian flour, and honestly, I have never fulling enjoyed eating all of the crust (don't shame me! haha) but this one I ate every last bite!! The artichoke was soft and juicy, the black olives and mushrooms paired so well. You could tell the mozzarella was fresh. Hands down the best marinara pizza I've had on Samui.

Eating it folded style, like a real Italian!

After savoring each bite, we were checked on again, and the waiter was politely trying to clear plates, and reached for mine which had a single bite of crust left I said: "Noooo wait!" Don't be stealing my last bite. We were offered coffee or desserts, but were so stuffed (and had ice cream back at home) had to pass.

When you come to Fisherman's Villiage (highly recommended on Friday nights- Super fun! Make a stop here at Gusto's Italiano, you won't regret it!

Don't believe me? Here's the TripAdvisor:

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