How To Travel The World!

There are SO many avenues to choose from when looking to travel. Solo, Friends, Guided tour and more! If you have a desire to travel, YOU CAN DO IT! Follow me, to adventure!

January 1st, 2017 I made a promise to myself that I was going to begin traveling that year. I was 20 years old and had really only been to 3 different states (that I can remember). I dreamt of new lands, new places, new food, new cultures- the incredible feelings overwhelmed me with joy and excitement!! Imagining myself in all the pictures I've ever seen of the world. I knew I wanted that, more than anything in my life, to JUST GO!

Is this you too? You have such a wanderlust you can barley stand it? But you just don't know how to get there? Let me help you my friend.

And today, at the age of 23, I have proudly traveled to Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Ireland, and Thailand. And I am nowhere near finished! Shoot, I still have 187 to go! So if you need some inspiration and how-to, follow me.

Part One: Where?

Firstly, if you've NEVER traveled internationally before, THIS is a very important step! So tell me friend, WHERE in this incredible world do you lust to go to? The awe-inspiring Swiss Alps? The Great safari of Africa? Glacier covered Iceland? Old Eastern Europe, or sipping Italian wine and riding in Gondolas? Where is the place you always imagine when you think of traveling? Having a goal destinations makes it go from a dream to reality! Remember, NO place is more than a plane ride away, and you can and WILL be standing in the place you imagine. Take it from someone who's done it a time or two ;)

Think of the place that makes your heart soar, that makes you want to cry thinking about it, and go for it.

If you know you want to travel, but don't know where just yet, it's ok! Here are some tips on how to fix that:

1. Go with the season! Look at a time of year that is the most gorgeous, most popular, most traveled to, and follow the masses.

For Example!!

  • See the Northern Lights dance across the sky in Iceland (July-August)

  • Go swimming in Tropical waters in Thailand (December-April) missing the rainy season is a big plus going this time of year!

  • Watch Japan bloom into a pink fairytale with famous Cherry Blossoms (March)

  • Hit India right after the rainy season ends for the lushest greenery! (October)


2. If you want to COMPLETELY immerse yourself in a culture, you can visit during countries famous festival time!

For Example!!

  • Celebrate St. Patricks Day in Ireland with 11.2 million other travelers. Wear something green for luck, grab a Guinness, and shout "sláinte!" (Mid-March)

  • Octoberfest in Germany with 6 Million annual travelers. Put on your Dirndl dress, grab a Hefeweisen, and shout "Prost!" (End of October)

  • Rio Carnival in Brazil celebrates with bright colors, awesome feather, and jeweled fits and 2 million dancin' peeps in the streets (End of February)

  • Engage in an EPIC tomato flinging, 30,000 people filled food fight at Tomato Festival in Spain (End of August)

If you are in need of some festival inspo, check out this Buzzfeed article!


3. Use airlines "search everywhere" feature to find your destination. You can see where the cheapest flight out of the country may take you!

  • Skyscanner! They have a feature that if you just punch in where you live, you can explore a ton of options of flights to ALL over the world. (they also have an app)

  • Hopper (App for phone) They help you find deals to places and explore as well.

  • Google Flights: You can pull up a world map and start clicking away!

  • Southwest Airlines: Has a similar map feature that shows where they fly (surprisingly a lot of places! Less international but still good for places near the USA)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand if all else fails, get a map, close your eyes and throw a dart! (or a safer option- close your eyes, spin in a circle and go where your finger lands)

Part2: The Plan

SO, now that you have the, where, part down, its time to begin planning! Get a notebook, title it "My _____ Plans!" and Get to it!! Things to plan out include, but are not limited to:

  • Flights

  • Accommodations