New Moon Manifestation Rituals

Hello Loves!

The Moon is way more powerful than you may realize! The Moon has always fascinated mankind for her mysteriousness + beauty. She is the lovely counterpart to our beautiful glowing sun. A symbol of calm, serenity, and for me, an opportunity to bring my manifestations to LIFE.

I'll teach you how, because everyone deserves their dreams.

And lucky for you, the next New Moon is JULY 9TH, 2021. If you're reading this after that date, I'll link my favorite website to get accurate astrology information below (not an affiliate link)

So Firstly, during the New Moon you've got a couple things to do before you actually put out your new ideas, this is as follows!

Step 1: Cleanse!

This is to allow the new idea to flourish in a fresh space! Your space can mean your home, your head, and your friendship circle!

  • Clean your Home. declutter, throw out garbage, open windows for some fresh air, clean the leaves of your indoor plants, wash sheets + You can try incense/smoke cleansing (just be careful about flames, but I recommend Cedar to smoke cleanse.)

  • Cleanse Yourself! Take a refreshing bath or shower (or like me, a steaming hot bath, then an ice cold shower- great for your senses) Get in a sauna, Work up a sweat during a work out, sing, dance etc. Anything to get out the energy that is inside of you now, you want to allow the new energy to enter you!

  • Cleanse Your Divination tools. I love to take the day of the New Moon to put my crystals, Tarot + Oracle Decks in the sunlight to recharge them. I also take time to straighten up my Alter + meditation space, clean off my incense tray and remove my last Moon cycle's Positive Affirmation Sticky Notes.

Step 2: Prepare to Set Intentions.

This is the moment you've been preparing for. Take time to set "the mood" to be spiritual.

  • Get some Privacy. I don't know about you, but when I practice divination of any sort, I enjoy being with my own energy. I shut myself in my bedroom + sit at my Alter. No kitties, no partner, no distractions. :)

  • Set the Mood. Dim the lights, light some candles, burn some more incense, or diffuse some essential oils. Whatever calls to your inner-essence. Bring your Crystals around you for their energetic support. (I recommend Labradorite, Moonstone, Obsidian, Lepidolite, Clear Quartz, Citrine, and Selenite for New Moon rituals)*reasons why below

  • Meditation/Visualization. Now it's time to actually set your intentions. It isn't as tedious + complicated as you may think. Take some pressure off of yourself babe. You're going to get in a meditative state, clearing my mind of the day. Once you are free of thought, start to introduce the thoughts of the New Manifestations you want to bring to fruition. (I'll touch more on how to decide later in the article) Visualize in your mind's eye what it would look like for you to have the thing, be in the place, be with the person, doing whatever the activity is that you want to come to life! See yourself doing it. The next part is important. Feel into how it feels while you're watching yourself doing these things. You should feel so happy, vibrant, ALIVE while you're in this place. We are energetic beings, so vibrational energy is everything when it comes to manifesting. Feel with your entire soul what it feels like to have this in your life. Feel free to cry tears of joy or relief. Laugh + be giddy. Allow yourself to be free, no judgements of yourself.

  • Journaling. After you have gone through the emotions of this Manifestation, take to your journal. Write about what you visualized + felt during your meditation. This is an extra step to solidify your dreams into reality. Let the pen flow!

  • Let Go. This part is crucial love! You must have faith + trust in the Universe, that it has heard your energetic prayer and will move mountains to bring your intentions to life. Know that your angels are watching over you and are also messengers.

*Why I chose these crystals are as follows!*

  • Labradorite- "Stone of transformation" Connects to psychic abilities, induces enthusiasm, strengthens imagination, will, Faith in yourself + The Universe.

  • Moonstone- "Stone of New beginnings." Inspires Abundance, spiritual insight, enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success + good fortune.

  • Obsidian- A highly protective stone, forms a shield against negativity. Blocks psychic attack and absorbs negative energies from environment. Stimulates growth on all levels.

  • Lepidolite- "Stone of Transition" Assists in release + reorganization of all behavioral + psychological patterns, gently inducing change. Helps take you into the future, tuning into thoughts, feelings from past lives that are creating blockages now.

  • Clear Quartz- "Master healer" Absorbs + regulates energy, draws away negative energy. Balances and revitalizes physical, mental, emotional + spiritual practices. Enhances psychic abilities. Aids in concentration.

  • Citrine- Energizes every level of life. Cleanses the chakras + opens intuition. Attracts wealth, prosperity + success. Imparts joy, wonder, delight + enthusiasm. Raises self esteem and confidence. Stimulates the brain and strengthens intellect.

  • Selenite- Provides clarity of the mind, expending ones awareness of self and surroundings. Opens crown and higher chakras, promotes access to angelic consciousness and higher guidance. Calming stone. Assists in judgement and insight. Clears confusion and aids in seeing the clearer picture.

Optional Step 3: Divination

After your Intention Setting, this is a great time to pull a few Tarot Cards or Oracle cards to bring you a message of guidance for the upcoming moon cycle. My go-to spread is as follows. My style with this is, shuffle your cards for each question, and take however many cards fall. (for example, if for question 1, three cards fall out, take that as a singular answer, not as 1,2 + 3.)

How to decide what to manifest?

Use this as a guide to help you bring some ideas to your mind.

  • Look inward! You posses the capabilities to answer that question yourself. Your desires, your dreams, your goals, a new relationship/friendship, new job, new car, new home! Anything.

  • Make it for the highest good for all. You shouldn't try to manifest anything malicious in intent. That's just bad karma. You can achieve anything you want without necessarily having to put anyone else down to do so. Have an open mindset that you can achieve anything with an open and abundant mindset. (for example, if you want sales for your store, know that there are plenty of customers for you, as well as your "competitor")

Note: Sometimes manifesting doesn't work. It may not have been anything you have done. Don't get discouraged! I'll give you a personal example.

I did my full ritual, believed with all of my heart that I would come into $5,000. About a week later, my angels told me to drop it. I was so disheartened, thinking what did I do wrong? And why can't I have $5K? Well... because turns out The Universe was setting my partner + I up for much more than that. A few weeks went by and then we were contacted to be in a game show, whose grand prize was $50,000. Which we went onto win. Trust in the Universe + it's path for you. Even when you don't understand.

->Link to my Partner winning

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