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"The Dreamer's Eye spiritual advising service was such an eye-opening and valuable experience for me. Doing sessions with Cheyenne gave me clarity on areas of my life that I was struggling with, and also provided me with motivation to take on challenges that have been holding me back! Cheyenne gave me spot-on readings about things I've been struggling with and she made me feel like I had someone in my corner supporting me every step of the way. I'm very grateful to Cheyenne for putting forth her energy to help push me over my personal hills, and I would recommend her services to anyone looking to better themselves or just simply get some well-needed clarity on the path they are on!"

— Tucker S.

"Spiritual journeys are hard! There are times you are at such a high and such a low. It is so amazing to be able to have someone there for you during it all. I got to a point in my journey that I felt stuck. I was searching for a coach and Cheyenne reached out to me. Since starting my meetings with her, I have been able to see so much more clearly. My head no longer feels like I am dragging myself in circles. She helped me take it into steps to get past the overwhelming part of wanting to learn everything at once. I have changed so much in just the past few months, it is incredible. At first, I did have hesitations about working together because we had known each other prior. I was not looking for someone I knew personally from my past with the fear of judgment, but I am so glad I chose to start sessions with her. She is so far from a judgmental person. Cheyenne is there for all the emotions. She tells you everything you need to hear and does not sugar coat it. I personally have already recommended her to others to help them through their spiritual journeys. She not only is informational but also makes it fun. Whatever it is you want to learn about, she is more than willing to help you even if it is not something that she knows a ton about. I am so thankful to have her in my life!"

---Cheyenne V.